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    Public Order

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:26 pm

    Public order laws are offences that are punishable by the court of law.

    Section 1

    The following offences carry a fine up to (but not limited to) $3,000 - $5,000 or 7 to 15 minute imprisonment (see Aggravated fleeing).

    S.A-PO-1 Evading a police officer in a motor vehicle (also includes non-motorized)
    S.A-PO-2 Evading a police officer on foot.
    S.A-PO-3 Accessory to evading; aiding the evading suspect in any way,

    Aggravated fleeing
    Any person who drives or runs in any manner which demonstrates an absolute, wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property, commits a felony punishable with 15 minute imprisonment.

    Habitual evading
    Any person who repeadetaly evades Police officers, regardless being previously warned for the same offence, showing disregard to law enforcment, commits a felony punishable with 15 minute imprisonment.

    Section 2

    The following offences carry a jail sentence of 12 minutes.

    S.A-PO-4 Obstruction of justice; obstruction of law enforcment.
    S.A-PO-5 Trespassing governmental property.
    S.A-PO-6 Lying to police; withholding evidence; refusal to cooperate.
    S.A-PO-7 Failure to identify to an Law Enforcement Officer.
    S.A-PO-8 Failure to pay a fine; ignoring a ticket.

    Right to remain silent
    The right to remain silent allows any person questioned by police merely to refuse to answer questions posed by an investigator without giving any reason for doing so. The questioning officer needs a reasonable belief that the questioned person is in conspiracy with a suspect. There is no right that allows the person to refuse to indentify themselves to an officer!

    Section 3

    The following offences carry a fine up to (but not limited to) $3,500 - $5,500.

    S.A-PO-9 Conducting a disorderly in public
    S.A-PO-10 Conducting a disorderly in public while intoxicated; drunk.
    S.A-PO-11 Damage of a public service vehicle; squad car.
    S.A-PO-12 Damage of public properties, in any form.
    S.A-PO-13 Misuse of 911 emergency phoneline.
    S.A-PO-14 Mutual Combat
    (Mutual Combat is defined as: Two or more parties agreeing to and engaging in an act of fighting in the presence of others or in public.)

    Section 4

    The following offences carry a fine up to (but not limited to) $3,500.

    S.A-PO-12 Jaywalking; improperly crossing a roadway.
    S.A-PO-13 Verbal assault on an officer, in any form.
    S.A-PO-14 Bribery; in the form of money\property\belongings.
    S.A-PO-15 Failure to yield to an emergency service vehicle; failure to let pull over to the right.

    Section 6

    The following carries jail sentence of 10 minutes.

    S.A-PO-16 Theft of a motor vehicle (non-motorized as well)
    S.A-PO-17 Theft of an emergency vehicle.
    S.A-PO-18 Excessive stalking; unwanted harassment.
    S.A-PO-19 Hit and Run; leaving the scene of an accident without assisting or identifying to the other party.
    S.A-PO-20 Accessory; aiding a criminal.
    S.A-PO-21 Inciting a riot.
    S.A-PO-22 Soliciting Prostitution; Prostitution.

    Addition: If a suspect is resisting arrest in any form, a three-five minute jail time will be added (depending on the situation).

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