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    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:27 pm

    The Serious Crime act are laws are for offences which may or may not lead to death.

    Section 1

    The following offence carries a jail sentence of 15-20 minutes and 10 general points.

    S.A-SC-1 Murder
    S.A-SC-2 Manslaughter

    Definition of Manslaughter
    The unlawful killing of a human being without malice or premeditation, either express or implied; distinguished from murder, which requires malicious intent.
    The cases of manslaughter may be classed as follows those which take place in consequence of: 1. Provocation. 2. Mutual combat. 3. Resistance to public officers, etc. 4. Killing in the prosecution of an unlawful or wanton act. 5. Killing in the prosecution of a lawful act, improperly performed, or performed without lawful authority

    S.A-SC-3 Attempted murder, aiding a murder or conspiracy to murder (of a law enforcement officer).
    S.A-SC-4 Kidnapping in any form.

    Section 2

    The following carries a jail sentence of 12-16 minutes and 8 general points.

    S.A-SC-5 Assault

    Definition of Assault
    The intention to cause grievous bodily harm (or its equivalent) may amount to the mental requirement to prefer a charge of murder in circumstances where the harm inflicted upon the victim proves fatal.

    S.A-SC-6 Robbery armed or unarmed.
    S.A-SC-7 Scamming or intent to scam.
    S.A-SC-8 Battery

    Definition of Battery
    Battery, the actual intentional striking of someone, with intent to harm, or in a "rude and insolent manner" even if the injury is slight. Negligent or careless unintentional contact is not battery no matter how great the harm. Battery is a crime and also the basis for a lawsuit as a civil wrong if there is damage. It is often coupled with "assault" (which does not require actual touching) in "assault and battery."

    Section 3

    The following carries a penalty of up to $3,500.

    S.A-SC-8 Threatening non-armed.

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