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    Weapons / Firearms


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    Weapons / Firearms

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:31 pm

    The Firearms act is laws for securing the domain and to make sure no one uses guns for any use which endangers\threatens another citizen.

    Section 1

    The following carries a sentence of 11-13 minutes in jail and 8 general points.

    S.A-FA-1 Unlawful possesion of illegal firearm materials.
    S.A-FA-2 Possesion of an illicit\illegal firearm (M4, MP5, AK47, SPAS12).
    S.A-FA-3 Threatening a citizen with a firearm (armed).
    S.A-FA-4 Threatening a citizen without a firearm (unarmed but guns were recovered).
    S.A-FA-5 Attempting to distribute\sell legal\illegal firearms. ((Always illegal))
    S.A-FA-6 Advertising to sell\buy illegal\legal firearms.

    Section 2

    The following offences carries a jail sentence of 15-17 minutes and 9 general points.

    S.A-FA-7 Selling legal\illegal firearmed without a license ((Always illegal))
    S.A-FA-8 Unlawful discharge of a firearm of any kind in public\indoors etc.
    S.A-FA-9 Unlawful discharge whilst being intoxicated\U.I; drunk.
    S.A-FA-10 Unlawful brandishing of a firearm; pointing\flaunting with intent to scare or terrorize.
    S.A-FA-11 Failure to conceal a weapon of any sort when prompted by a Law enforcement officer.

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