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    IG-RP Monthly Newsletter

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:06 pm


    The all new, unique, and one of a kind role-play server

    Quick Info
    Server Owner: Blade_Longwei & Chrisitan_Webster
    Server IP:
    Location: Detroit, US
    Gamemode Name:  IRP v3.7Beta
    Gamemode Type: Role Play
    Features: Unique job system, dynamic gang creation, multiple properties including Cars (Up to 5 per player if a valued VIP member), aircraft, boats, houses, businesses and garages.
    Hosting: Self rented private dedicated server hosted in the United States

    Run Down
    Intense Role-play began it's journey June of 2014. The Owner, Blade, decided to give the sa-mp community one last try after his previous encounter when he was 14 years old. Blade rejoins now, stronger, more knowledgeable, and more prepared to take on the face of a whole new community.

    This script retains many features from various scripts that so many players have loved. This script has been designed to fit every need that a member would need during their stay at IRP.

    The player's goal at IRP is to progress through our level system by saving up respect points. Respect points are given per hour played in the server and delivered on each paycheck. Levels are used to gain access to purchasing new cars, houses, gangs, factions, and so many more features.

    Our Unique Features
    Class Selection
    Begin writing your own life story by first choosing one of the many skins available in sa-mp. Eash class has their own section for their particular skins. We offer every skin available to-date in sa-mp.

    Intense offers an advanced job system with in depth, variable, tasks that gives the player a chance to earn money and skills, as well as, experience of different locations within the server. The player takes on a role during one of these jobs. These jobs are essential to gaining any position within this server.

    These jobs range anywhere from legal activities such as Trashmaster, public transportation, truck drivers, and more to illegal roles such as weapon smuggler, drug smugglers, Arms dealers, and more.

    In this server, as in real life, it takes different forms of a license to do different things. The Police officers of IRP do routine traffic stops and checkpoints, during which, if an officer of the law encounters a player without a required license, it could lead to legal proceedings including fines and jail time. Every time a player breaks the law, in comparison to life, you will gain a rapsheet. The higher the rap sheet the more aggressive the officers will be towards you.


    IRP offers a wide variety of different services to the public including but not limited to Los Santos Police Department, Emergency Services, the Taxi company, and the Los Santos Government.

    The Police Department is responsible for law and order within the city; they enforce the Governments wishes, and send criminals to the local jail. All crimes are documented through the PD’s advanced MySQL linked recording system, allowing them to run background checks on criminals, running through all stored records. The Police can access this both ingame and from their Service Control Panel, and are allocated a section of the forum, on which to discuss their activities.

    The Emergency Services are a group of trained paramedics and surgeons with the ability to perform miracles in the operating room. The EMS strive for overall well-being of all players of IRP, and will be first on the scene to an accident.

    The Taxi Company plays a major role in the transport of both new and old players. Players are able to request a taxi, and are then allocated a driver from any online employees. The driver is then able to locate them, and even contact them if necessary, using the records stored when you book a taxi.

    Vehicle System

    IRP's vehicle system is completely dynamic allowing for a chance to have a variety of choices and accommodate every player.  We allow players to purchase vehicles at their pleasure, from dealerships across SA. The vehicle system can be split into 3 sections, Cars, Boats and Aircraft.

    Cars can be purchased from 3 dealerships across Los Santos, splitting the cars into three categories. Each player can have 1 car on the server at a time, with a maximum of 5 stored in garages, located across LS. Cars can be upgraded to include locking systems, custom modifications, and personalized colors.

    Boats can be purchased from the boat dealership at Bayside. Players are able to purchase 1 boat, which can vary from a small fishing boat to a luxurious yacht, each with varying prices. Boats are likely to play a huge RP part of any activities in IRP, due to their association with rich, executive players, and their involvement with the upcoming fishing system.

    Aircraft can be purchased from 3 dealerships located across San Andreas, splitting the aircraft into helicopters, personal aircraft and commercial aircraft. Players can own 1 aircraft at a time, and are able to park them wherever they wish, whether in an airport, or at some of the rare properties big enough to accommodate small aircraft.

    Property System

    Players on IRP are able to own any of 6 different types of property at any one time. These categories include Cars, Boats, Aircraft, Houses, Businesses and Garages. Due to the vehicle section being covered in the previous section, I will skip straight to Houses, Businesses and Garages.

    Houses can be purchased at any time by simply finding a house that is for sale. Players are able to purchase houses instantly ingame, and use these houses in a number of ways. Players are not only able to spawn at their houses, but also able to upgrade their houses, to allow them to store weapons, cash and even grow certain types of drugs from home. The house has become one of the most important aspects of IRP, and will soon include built in garages where possible, to allow players extra storage of vehicles.

    Businesses can be found all over IRP, and can play a number of different roles. Some businesses provide physical RP opportunities, whereby players can meet up at a cafe or restaurant to discuss matters. Other businesses such as the Paintball business or LS Stadium provide and organize regular events for the population to join in with.

    Garages are the newest type of ownable property, and allow players to house their cars together in one central locations. Garages can be found across Los Santos and provide varying space, allowing for anywhere between 2 and 5 cars to be stored at any time. Garages allow players to extend their ownership from just 1 car, to up to 6. Garages provide a universal interface which allows players to view their cars housed in the garage by cycling between them. Players can pick their vehicle before taking it out, making it much easier for players to choose what they wish to drive round in.

    Hope to see you In-Game, or stop by our forums for more info!

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