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    Los Santos Police Department - Rules


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    Los Santos Police Department - Rules

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:37 pm

    Los Santos Police Department

    The Police Department is posting this act to achieve one simple goal - to reach excellence and professionalism in our work. Making this document public helps you, the citizens of Los Santos, to understand your rights and be aware wether the officers around you are taking legal actions or breaking the law. This is the full version of this document as we are not trying to hide anything from you (( the very same version of it is posted in the private board )) and even though it contains sections unrelated to interaction with public, we kindly ask you to leave these parts to the LSPD commanders and not report them. The mentioned sections are as follows: Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4.

    If you feel like an officer was treating you in an unlawful way, please report it to the Internal Affairs Department (( new complaint forms, both IC and OOC, are going to apear in this board very soon )). Breaking any of rules listed below will result in handing the case to the mentioned department and may cause official LSPD warnings, cutting off the wages, demotions or removal from the force.
    Section 1, Procedures:

    1. Do not perform an arrest before you legitimate yourself as an officer in law, your suspect is told the reason of the arrest and is read his rights. Else, you are taking illegal actions.
    2. Do not perform any actions that are against the law to take advantage over your suspect. Else, your arrest is illegal.
    3. After an arrest, write a case file.
    4. Do not write case files for minor offences. More information can be found in the Guide to Case Files.
    5. Follow the Rules of Engagement.
    6. Reject any offer of bribery. Do not attempt to take the bribes for evidence.

    Section 2, Authorisation:

    1. Do not use any of division equipment or vehicles without authorisation.
    2. Do not commence division patrol without permission from the shift commander.
    3. The highest rank online, starting from Sergeant, is the one with authority to give patrol permissions, unless they dispatch another shift commander.
    4. Trainees are not authorised enough to commence motorised patrol by themselves.

    Section 3, Chain of Command:

    1. Address higher ranked officers by: "Sir/Madame", their rank or their rank and last name.
    2. Salute higher ranked officers or group of officers at your or their arrival.
    3. Obey lawful orders given by your commanders.
    4. Do not give orders that are against the law or the Los Santos Police Department Codex.

    Section 4, General Order:

    1. Do not park your own vehicle inside the garage. Always respect the garage standards.
    2. Return your squad vehicle before ending your shift.
    3. Lock your vehicle at all times and turn the engine off when exiting it to prevent theft.
    4. Make sure the garage gate is closed at all times.
    5. Do not let any civilians enter the garage or the processing area without any case-related purpose.

    (( Section 5, Out of Character )):

    1. Do not use out of character information to gain advantage in characterly (metagame).
    2. Do not powergame.
    3. Do not perform actions considered unrealistic, brainless, such as "ramboing", "bunny hopping" and more to follow.
    4. Do not fall in arguments over the mainchat.
    5. If anyones complains about your behaviour in-game, send them to the Internal Affairs Department, as in forum complaints.
    6. Do not deathmatch or perform unapropiate actions in the LSPD garage.
    7. Do not use any equipment that is not listed as official LSPD equipment, unless you obtained it in a roleplay manner and are able to prove it.
    8. Do not come back to action after death, unless you are are told to do so by at least a Lieutenant and called for backup ICly.
    9. Do not come on duty only to receive your paycheck. If caught doing so, you are going to receive a $1,000,000 fine to be deposited into the LSPD bank account. If you refuse to pay it, you will answer for Governmental money fraud and face adequate consequences.

    Chief Blade Longwei,

    B. Longwei
    Los Santos Police Department

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