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    Gang/Family Reports

    Post by EricV on Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:02 pm

    Here you can post your complaining against a gang/family. Please only report them when its needed and don't do it cause one of them Metagamed once, If you are ingame and you see the gang/family is Dming around or having non rp behavior you can post it here, Fill the report in by using the right format (Copy that format and fill it in correctly), If it doesn't get in correct admins won't take any action. If you report a gang its easier for us if you have any screenshots or videos so we can see what they did wrong, Without it its hard for us to believe you


    [b]Gang Leader:[/b]
    [b]Gang Name:[/b]
    [b]Player Being reported:[/b]
    [b]What Happened:[/b]

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