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    Some suggestions



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    Some suggestions

    Post by EricV on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:24 pm

    Some suggestions for admins

    Show rankname in /a so its easier to know the name
    1. Moderator ((+ /jail , /kick , /admute , /mute))
    2. Trial adm ((+ /jail , /tempban , /sendtols ))
    3. Junior adm ((+ /jail , /ban , /sendtols , /gethere ))
    4. General adm (( All basic cmds ))
    5. Senior adm
    6. Head adm
    7. Executive adm
    8. Server manager
    9. Server Co-owner
    10. Server owner

    -Add /tempban & /jail & /sendtols to trial admin so they can do something when there is no high rank online
    -Use a week system for trial admins, 1 week to try them out
    -Make a /newbie chat for new people's to question & make a helper rank((also a reason for new peops to stay ))
    -Give a little refund in the begin, Just a little

    Normal people

    - /mask system
    - Auto kick when tabbing for a long time ((2 houres)) ((No paycheck farming then))
    - Other intro for server, that players can choose all skins to start with ((except factions skins ofc))
    - Robbing businesses
    - Make a weapon license & people can apply for it & buy guns from ammu
    - Making money should be a bit easier in the begin
    - A few questions in the intro to make sure no DMers & Nonrpers get on
    - add a hunger system
    - add a fuel system on the cars
    - Add some more accent's ((american,chinese,japanese,dutch,gangster,german,gay,indonesian,french,pakistan,greece,polish,Italian,Russian,Korean,Farmer,English,Scottisch,Swedish, etc..
    - When car is damaged and the smoke is dark you can't drive it anymore, so it doesn't explode
    - add some more jobs
    - No random cars around the map ((or atleast be locked and an alarm should go off when they go off & cops get allerted ))
    - /seatbelt inside a car
    - /helmet on a bike
    - Add VIP system + VIPcars ((Donate))

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    Re: Some suggestions

    Post by Blade on Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:57 pm

    Vrey nice suggestions. I will do what I can to implement the majority of these. I will update this thread as the updates progress.

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