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    *IG:RP Admin Rules*


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    *IG:RP Admin Rules*

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:12 pm

    Due to a recent observation of current situations. I have put together a brief list of rules are REQUIRED as an admin.
    If you fail to follow any of these rules it could result in consequences including, but not limited to, losing your admin privileges.
    These rules will not be taken lightly as you are an administrator and have a job to do.
    Becoming an admin is not just a title. You have MAJOR responsibilities to follow.
    You are required to follow every server/forum/admin rule assigned to this community.
    Below is a list of Administrator rules that needed to be studied and remembered.

    • NEVER abuse your admin powers under any circumstance!

    • NEVER ask/pester for a higher admin rank. This will result in immediate demotion/denial of your application!

    • Do not give your friends special priveliges (f.ex. by not punishing them if they break rules)

    • Play fair (do not spawn vehicles/weapons/money/health/armour on servers like CnR/rp/etc)

    • Respect players and they will respect you

    • Do not take sides in conflicts (stay neutral)

    • Investigate both players during a player complaint

    • BE ACTIVE!!! If you are caught being inactive, you will lose your admin. (You need to act as if this was a real employment)

    This rules are in place for a reason. They MUST be followed at ALL times.

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