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    Admin Applications: How To Apply [CLOSED]


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    Admin Applications: How To Apply [CLOSED]

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:13 pm

    As we are running low on administrators at certain server times, we are re-opening the admin applications. (Yay.) This does not mean that we are lowering the standards. It simply means we are trying to find candidates that we have not yet considered in our usual procedure.

    What are we looking for?
    We are looking for players capable of distinguishing rule-breaking behaviour and act upon them accordingly, following server rules. Furthermore, we are looking for candidates with an adequate level of English and the ability to communicate effectively with other admin team members and players alike. An IRP administrator must be able to work in a team. Admins should have a calm personality, and should be able to react to stressful and difficult situations in a respectful manner. Earlier admin experience is not required.
    If you believe you fit this description, please continue reading.

    How to apply for an position on the IRP admin team?
    In order to apply for an admin position we need to know a few things about you as a person, as well as some administrative details. For that, we have created a form. Please put effort in your application, as you will get only one chance. Note that we require a decent amount of input on the final question.

    Application forms should be posted in this board with your IG name as it's subject title.

    The application form
    [b]IG name:[/b]
    [b]Why would you be a good admin?[/b]

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