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    [Guide] Roleplaying Guide

    Post by Blade on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:22 pm

    Ok basically put im fed up of idiots mixing IC and OOC up and also some other crap...soooo im going to make this guide, it may take me a while but meh, ill start off with the basics of driving:

    Driving Guide:

    Basic Driving rules:
    Seeing as the game is set in America you must drive on the right hand side of the road, if your being chased by the police you may be creative in your routes to avoid them. Never Carkill someone as this is a kickable offense, this is parking your vehicle ontop of another player to kill them.
    If you drive normally like this good on you, at T junctions please give way to oncoming cars if you are pulling on to the base of the T, ((a minor road pulling onto the main road)) and X roads try to be polite and let others go first, you dont have to stop for red lights as they are usually un-synced but if you wish you may do as you please.

    Drivers of the vehicle, please never use the Q or E buttons when looking left and right, use your look countrols with mouse or joypad instead, if you are caught doing a driver drive-by you maybe ajailed or banned. Passangers can perform drivebys, when they perform a driveby must demonstrate they are preparing to do it with a few /me actions (e.g. /me loads up an SMG then /me opens/Smashes the window and leans out holding the SMG).

    Carjacking is allowed in the server, but you must at least RP the jacking in some way, but try to do some form of verbal communication such as /s Sorry but i need this!
    But you could perform it in a different way if someone locks the car door i will demonstrate the idea bellow:-
    * Blade waves the car over .
    ((the car pulls over))
    * Blade taps on the window.
    *the driver off the car winds down the window.*
    *Blade Pulls a gun out of his jacket.
    * Blade sticks the gun into the drivers neck
    /s Get out the ****ing car. Now!

    In this way they are forced to get out the vehicle.

    Parking guide:
    Alot of people decide to park in the middle of the road, which is pure lazyness and an annoyance to others, when you need to park your car, slowly pull in to your right untill your cars right hand tires are all on the pavement, in the event that there is a designated parking space available you may reverse or move forward into the spot and keep the car straight when parking. Never park on the opposite side of the road to the side you drive on, or Park on corners.

    A Cop pulls you over:
    If you have nothing to hide you should pull over as requested and follow the instructions of the Police officer and you should get away with very little hastle, different officers may do different checks.

    Character Interaction

    Meeting someone new:
    Just because you see someones name above their head does not nessessarily mean you know their name! the display is OOC so saying their name in character if they dont know you will probably end up with a warning from an admin or worse!
    To learn someones name in character simply engage in conversation until you learn their name, if they tell you a false name thats the one you have to call them by, an example of learning someones name is below:-

    /s Hello, how are you?
    *person A says: not bad thankyou and you?
    /s Im good thanks, weather could be better though
    *Person A laughs
    *Person A says: i suppose your right, whats your name?
    /s oh my names Oxbow, and yours?
    *Person A nods
    *Person A says: My names Person B
    /s oh nice to meet you Person B

    Speeking in a foreign language:
    This server is an English speaking only server, naturally everyone in America can speek english but some people can communicate in different languages in RP situations demonstrated in the following way:-

    /s [Rus] Luke, i dont trust these people
    *Blade says: [Rus] Relax, they might be chinease but they are cool.
    *Stranger A says: [Chinease] What did he just say?
    *Stranger B says: [Chinease] Relax!
    *Stranger B says: Ok, shall we do buisiness now
    *Blade says: yes lets get this over with.

    You maybe able to speak another language as long as you have a reason why you can, e.g. Degree in Spanish language or Hispanic ethnicity. But dont naturally asume you can speak all languages.

    Racist Remarks Incharacter:
    Your character can be racist if you desire to be as long as it remains this way in an Incharacter way only and the other players understand this as well, if any racist comments leak out onto OOC i expect you will be banned almost instantly. What happens in Character stays in character.

    Gang Interactions:
    Naturally a person in a group of people will feel invincible as long as he remains close to that group of people, if you are challanged by a gang it is recommended that you dont try to pull off a Rambo as this will cause other players to frown upon you in the future
    Whether you're a cop, civilian or another Gang being challanged by a large group of people you should try act intimidated:-

    ((a large group of African American gang members surround me))
    /s Wha..what do you want?
    *Person A laughs
    *Person B says: listen to this fake ass niggah cower!
    *Person C says: i know its pethetic ain't it?
    *Person A says: Give me your wallet Punk!
    /s oh...ok but please...dont hurt me!
    * Blade takes out his wallet and hands it to Person A
    /pay Person A $X
    *Person A grin's
    *Person A says: thanks ****, now **** off!
    ((I runs away))

    Later however i come back with 4 gang members with me:

    /s Ey ****es who's gonna cower now?
    Person A says: Oh ****!
    ((Person A makes a run for it))
    Person B shakes in fear
    ((Person C tries to run and Hide))

    This is to demonstrate if your outnumbered you should act this way.

    Interacting with the Police/Paramedics:
    First things first, Do not prank call the Police/Paramedic Department with stupid comments, only call if you need help, if you know the criminals you may say their names but if you do not then just explain what they look like heres an example of a 911 call:

    /call 911
    *Hello sir or mam, which service do you require?
    *Please describe the situation
    A man wearing a white hoody just carjacked me and drove off
    *Ok sir/mam what is your location?
    Outside the Alabrama Club
    *Ok sir/mam please remain calm, assistance is being dispatched

    Remain were you are and a cop/paramedic should turn up to help.

    You're injured and a Paramedic turns up to help:
    Try to express were you have been injured so the paramedic can help you appropriately:-
    *Paramedic says: Sir? where are you hurt?
    /s I got shot in the chest
    *Paramedic says: Sir can you lift your shirt up so i can see the wound?
    * Blade lifts his shirt up to reveal a bullet wound on his upper right chest

    Paramedic's and Doctor's I expect you to heal the following in the ways suggested:-

    Broken arm's/leg's:
    * Blade Applies a staint to the broken arm/leg.
    * Blade Wraps a bandage around the broken arm/leg.
    * Blade Takes out a mold for preparing a cast.
    * Blade )) A few minutes pass.
    * Blade applies the cast around the broken arm/leg.

    Bullet/glass wounds:
    * Blade Takes out a scalpel and cuts neatley over the wound. ((not required for glass))
    * Blade Takes out a pair of Medical Tweasers.
    * Blade Carefully removes the Bullet/glass from the wound.
    * Blade takes out a bottle of disinfectant and puts a few droplets on some wool.
    * Blade pads the wound with the wool.
    * Blade takes out a sutures kit.
    * Blade Carefully stitches up the wound.
    * Blade takes out a set of bandages
    * Blade carefully wraps the bandage around the wound and secures it.

    * Blade takes out a bottle of disinfectant and puts a few droplets on some wool.
    * Blade pads the wound with the wool.
    * Blade takes out a sutures kit.
    * Blade Carefully stitches up the wound.
    * Blade takes out a set of bandages
    * Blade carefully wraps the bandage around the wound and secures it.

    Bruises and Bumps:
    * Blade Takes out an icepack
    * Blade presses the pack onto the wound or /me gives the icepack to the patient.

    Thats all I can think up right now.

    Being arrested by the Cops:
    If you are tackled by a cop you may attempt to break free:
    * Blade struggles to break free.
    ((if the cop does not respond within 5 seconds))
    * Blade breaks free of the cop's grip.

    If you are arrested at gunpoint, remember the cop can not aim at you while applying the cuff's so again you can attempt to break free:-

    *Cop A places his gun in his Holster
    *Cop A takes out a pair of cuffs from his Utility belt
    *Cop A takes Blade's left arm and places it behind his back
    * Blade attempts to elbow the Cop with his right elbow.
    *Cop A grabs Blade's arm with his free hand and places it behind his back.
    * Blade Struggles to break free
    *Cop A Resists Blade's struggling and manages to apply the Cuffs to his wrists

    If you have another cop aiming at you during the process dont attempt to break free unless he lowers his gun, once cuffs have been placed on your hands you may not open car doors or run/sprint/jump you may however walk or crouch move.
    To put a perp in a car do this:

    *Cop A opens the Car door.
    *Cop B pushes Blade into the back seat.
    ((cops get in the car))
    *Cop A locks the back doors of the car
    *You have been cuffed by Cop A*

    You may try and sneak off in a chaotic situation as long as you walk/crouch move. as long as you are not locked inside a vehicle or a cop does not have a firm grip on you, you may also insult the cops IC'ly if you wish.
    If I need to add any additions please message me PM Blade_Longwei.

    Rules of OOC/IC

    A number of mistakes leading to flaming are caused by the mis-interpretation of differences between OOC and IC
    While the more... lets say aged players to Roleplaying situations may know the differences off by heart its a lot harder
    for new players to grasp than people think. IC stands for In Character, OOC stands for Out Of Character

    This is a fairly commonly used term ((especially against me in most cases)) but this simply means out of character abuse against
    the player in real life rather than the character roleplayed, most of these cases are dealt with using a simple mute but can lead upto a ban.
    However there are many cases were two RPers will suddenly start flaming in main chat because one of them believed the other had
    made a direct insult against the other player, be careful to make sure that a person's character you maybe disrespecting or whatever
    knows that this is just an IC issue and not an attack against them personally and you shouldnt have any problems, you might need to do this with the newer players rather than the older players

    Often a common problem on the server if i do say so myself, maybe not as common as metagaming yet still a gigantic pain in the ass!
    So! Powergaming is basically as mentioned before now attempting to give your character a superior advantage over another character without an explained reason, an example bellow :-

    Person A pushes Person B and they fall to the ground
    /b what the hell?! stop powergaming!

    Rather than that heres the correct way:-
    Person A pushes Person B furiously attempting to knock him to the ground
    * Blade Person B stumbles backwards and falls to the ground

    However powergaming can apply to many different things than this simple demonstration above, let me remind you that your characer's are not superhuman mutants, your character cant understand every single language without a reason and you cant type /me kills person b  and expect for them to suddenly die, cause chances are your going to be sitting in an admin jail! that translated into more simple terms; "Allow the other person and a fighting chance as it will give players the option to open up the RP situation it will be far more rewarding than you think ."

    Almost certainly the most common form of Non-RP in all servers im sorry to say basically metagaming is using OOC information such as the location of someone, someones name or other information you may know OOC'ly to assist you IC'ly in the game:-

    /pm 17 Where are you now? I will come and meet you!
    *You were jailed for Metagaming

    this will happen if an admin happens to be checking the logs, ok so what do you instead? well if they are in your gang you can /radio them or you can call them on your phone, now heres something i saw the other day, someone i held up actually called for backup OOCly and it turned up! i killed them both for their stupidity dont let the same happen to you. If you can't get info to someone IC then they wont know about it, if you tell them to come help you OOCly then you just metagamed...and i will kick your ass!

    OOC commands etc.
    using any of the following to aid you in character will be classed as metagaming and you maybe punished!
    /f (family Chat)
    /pm (private message)
    /b (local chat)
    /o main chat

    Roleplay Advertisements
    First off when doing an advertisement any OOC information should be placed preferably in double brackets such as:-
    /ad Selling a Blista Compact ((Lvl 5 car))
    Secondly im fed up of this half assed use of [] to express letters in the word when selling guns and drugs i recommend refering to them as waterGUN's and garden plants or whatever cause nobody likes seeing those [] but for some reason the admins dont seem to mind where as I do!


    Well I believe i covered everything worth covering. If there is anything else you feel needs adding dont hesitate to contact me on the forums
    thankyou for reading this guide!

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